Retec Technologies Inc. (Retec), acquired by TRCC Canada in April 2019, was originally founded in early 1995 with the mission of developing new products and technologies for the paper and packaging industries. Retec achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2021 for the development and application of water-based barrier coatings for the treatment of cellulosic substrates for the packaging industry coatings for the treatment of cellulosic substrates for the packaging industry.

Retec has developed waterproof and ecological surface coatings for paper and paperboard used for industrial and food applications and made its mark by offering components consisting of materials that are completely 100% recyclable and repulpable. Today, Retec products provide for functional water-based functional barrier coatings that are resistant to water, grease, oil, water vapor, oxygen,  and carbon dioxide. Retec products are FDA, CFIA and ISEGA approved for direct food contact.

Retec continues to develop “Green technologies” that have the potential to revolutionize certain market segments. Products are cost-competitive with PE and wax-based barrier coatings when applied, but unlike these, it is 100% recyclable and repulpable.

Retec’s research capabilities provide for a well-balanced mix of complementary expertise in paper, paper chemistry, polymers, coating processes and product development up to commercialization of these products. Our team provides strong knowledge of the technical specifications particular to the paper industry all around the world. Retec has the capacity to challenge and define performance standards and develop process engineering on coating lines from the plant start-up level.

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