Heating & Distribution Services

TRCC Canada offers multi-faceted Heating and Distribution Services, crucial for efficient and effective material transfer applications, especially during Canada’s frigid winter months. In addition, our Heating and Distribution Services can be customized to meet the specific requirements stipulated by our customers.



  • Our three-entrance truck bay is equipped to receive various containment vessels including isocontainers, tankers, and flexibags.
  • Our truck bay is enclosed and equipped with a fully functional steam heating system. Characteristics of this system include:
    • Two million BTU/hour natural gas-fired boiler
    • Max pressure of 125psi (regulated down to suit containers specific pressure rating)
    • Multiple heads which can service up to three transport containers (isocontainers, tankers, flexibags)
    • The temperature of heating can be adjusted to meet client specifications.
  • The truck bay is sloped to collect and contain any potential spillage.
  • Our railcar siding is also equipped with steam heating capabilities, allowing for large loads to remain in a liquid state and avoid detrimental increases in viscosity (helping to mitigate extraneous detention/transfer costs).
  • Competitive pricing can be provided on a per batch or hourly basis.
  • There is space available on site around the perimeter of our facility where inventory can be stored until heating is required.
  • Outside inventory space is protected by a completely enclosed gate and monitored by various security cameras.
  • Blanketing: Inert dry nitrogen (93% Pure, -40 wet bulb) can be employed to avoid absorption of water vapour and undesirable air components / contaminants into the shipped product, thus aiding in the prevention of undesirable side reactions.
  • Hot House: Ability to store up to 24 totes at customer-specified temperatures (max temperature: 130°F).
  • Skilled operators and technicians with over a decade of heating and distribution experience.
  • Material can be efficiently repackaged from railcars, tankers, isocontainers, and flexibags into totes, drums, and pails (and vice versa).


  • Prevent refusal of cold loads
  • Avoid costly detention charges and demurrage (additional charges incurred as a result of slow transfer rates)
  • Consistency of material can be maintained so that shipped product can be transferred directly into production
  • The material can be easily and efficiently offloaded, especially beneficial in time sensitive applications
  • Highly developed infrastructure/facility to accommodate various heating and distribution needs
  • Reduced freight costs (located in close proximity to GTA clients)
  • Just-in-time delivery of  products
  • Confident state-of-mind that your product will be safely and effectively handled due to our operators’ vast experience in heating and distribution services.

Whether it’s maintaining the integrity of the product through steam heating, repackaging your product into more client-friendly volumes, or anything in-between, TRCC Canada can offer a safe and effective solution. Our Heating and Distribution Services allow for reduced shipping/transfer costs, increased customer satisfaction, and a more marketable product.

If this service is something you are interested in knowing more about, please do not hesitate to contact us at TRCC Canada as we are happy to provide you with a variety of Heating and Distribution solutions.

Jean Martin, M.Sc., M.B.A.
National General Manager

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